Here are memories of Trichoderma researchers sent to John’s family.

I am very sad about learning that John Bissett passed away. John’s name is inseparably linked to Trichoderma taxonomy, where he pioneered in the eighties of the last century by replacing Rifai’s concept of Trichoderma species aggregates with his concept of Trichoderma sections. I was lucky to collaborate with him when biogeography of Trichoderma mingled into my scientific interests, and from that time remember him as an excellent scientist who freely shared ideas, interpretations, and materials, and was always available for new projects and plans. Although we never became close friends, he will also stay in my mind as a very pleasant and warm‐hearted person with whom you could sit and talk for hours about many different things. It is a big pity that he is not among us anymore. I will miss him.

Christian P. Kubicek

I am deeply saddened by the news that John has left us. John has left an incredible legacy behind. All the Trichoderma community will remember him for his passion in science, his travelling to collect samples, his kindness and spirit of enjoying nature. His visit to New Zealand left us an enormous lesson: to love what you do. His memory will always present in our community. My deepest condolence to John’s family and friends

Artemio Mendoza Mendoza
New Zealand

One of the doyens of Trichoderma is gone, yet always here.

Robert L. Mach

Sorry to learn that John passed away too early. John did a great work with Trichoderma fungi and I shared his interest for this particular class of fungi. Together with my husband (also scientist), I met John and Carol Ann in several occasions where we had a lot of fun and nice relationships. RIP.

Mette Lübeck
Kongens Lyngby

I did not meet you in any event, but your research inspires me when I was soo young. Peace to you John Bissett!

William Rivera‐Méndez
Costa Rica

John Bissett’s contribution to Trichoderma will be remembered for long to me and members of Trichoderma community.

Chulong Zhang

Dear John Bisset rest in peace and shines in the eternal light. I will remember him as a generous man. He send me via post some Trichoderma´s papers to Salta, Argentina, when I was a young graduad of Agronomy and without know me. Thanks for incentivate my love for Trichoderma. My heartfelt condolences to his family.


This is very sad news. John was a great person and example for our youngest generation. I met him after he published his series of articles on revision of the genus Trichoderma in 1991 and we were starting with the molecular characterizations. Many, many thanks on behalf of the Salamanca group, wherever you are. With all our heart

Enrique Monte

Pr John Bissett will be in our hearts and memories. May his soul rest in peace!!

Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta
Ben Guerir

Your work was inspiration for most young researchers who works on Trichoderma may your souls rest in peace!!!

Dr.Estifanos Tsegaye
Debre Berhan

My deepest condolences. John will be very much missed.

Johanna Steyaert
New Zealand

I am a young scientist who is entering the Trichoderma world. John’s great work on Trichoderma taxonomy and the development of Biolog has guided my way in many aspects of my research work. Although I have not met him in person, his name has definitely been memorized by my heart because this name is so frequently mentioned/cited in our group. Thank you for letting us know u, and

goodbye, John!
Feng Cai
Nanjing, China

Met John at Lincoln University when he was on sabbatical leave. John was a great personality with lots of knowledge and very enthusiastic about explaining it to students and co‐researchers. May his

Soul Rest in Peace
Wadia Kandula
Christchurch, New Zealand