Zheng, H., Qiao, M., Lv, Y., Du, X., Zhang, K. Q., & Yu, Z. (2021). New Species of Trichoderma Isolated as Endophytes and Saprobes from Southwest China. Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 7(6), 467. https://doi.org/10.3390/jof7060467

During the investigation of endophytic fungi diversity in aquatic plants and the fungal diversity in soil in southwest China, we obtained 208 isolates belonging to Trichoderma, including 28 isolates as endophytes from aquatic plants and 180 isolates as saprobes from soil, respectively. Finally, 23 new species of Trichoderma are recognized by further studies. Their phylogenetic positions are determined by sequence analyses of the combined partial sequences of translation elongation factor 1-alpha (tef1) and gene encoding of the second largest nuclear RNA polymerase subunit (rpb2). The results revealed that the 23 new species are distributed in nine known clades. The morphology and culture characteristics are observed, described and illustrated in detail. Distinctions between the new species and their close relatives were compared and discussed. These include: Trichoderma achlamydosporum, T. amoenum, T. anaharzianum, T. anisohamatum, T. aquatica, T. asiaticum, T. asymmetricum, T. inaequilaterale, T. inconspicuum, T. insigne, T. obovatum, T. paraviride, T. pluripenicillatum, T. propepolypori, T. pseudoasiaticum, T. pseudoasperelloides, T. scorpioideum, T. simile, T. subazureum, T. subuliforme, T. supraverticillatum, T. tibetica, and T. uncinatum.

Keywords: soil-inhabiting, aquatic, endophytic, Hypocreales, new species, Trichoderma